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Bathroom Black Mold Removal And Prevention: What To Know

Black mold in the bathroom is a nightmare you can't ignore. It alters your bathroom aesthetics and exposes you and your loved ones to health issues and complications.

You are probably wondering, "Can black mold kill you?" It's rare, but it can happen. People allergic to mold or with some conditions like asthma will experience devastating effects because of mold. You can avoid such issues with professional black mold removal and prevention.

This article will let you know the cause of black mold symptoms in your bathroom, expert mold treatment techniques, how to prevent future black mold growth, and much more.

Understanding the Causes of Bathroom Mold

Knowing what triggers mold is the first thing our Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson experts look at. It enables us to address the issue without guesswork. Read on to understand the causes of black mold in the bathroom.

1. Moisture, Temperature, and Humidity Levels and Bathroom Mold

Mold needs a moist and warm place to grow and proliferate. The bathroom has numerous water sources like the tub, shower, bath, bidet, and sink.

Besides exposure to water, the bathroom environment is also warm. The heat from hot water keeps the humidity levels high. These conditions fast track toxic black mold growth.

2. Plumbing Issues and Bathroom Mold

Poor plumbing is a major cause of black mold on the wall, ceiling, and floor. It leads to slow drains, standing water, and sewage backup.

That is not only a nuisance when using the bathroom but also leads to mold infestations. You need an expert to fix the issue and for bathroom mold removal.

3. Ventilation Issues and Bathroom Mold

Some bathrooms don't have ventilation windows. Others have windows, but air can't flow in and out smoothly because of their location.

Poor ventilation keeps the humidity levels high, resulting in dampness. That accelerates mold growth. We will ensure that you enjoy a space that's well-aerated and clean of any microbes.

4. Cleaning Habits and Bathroom Mold

Not paying great attention to walls and hidden areas during cleaning will increase mold retention. Some people also love hanging damp towels in the bathroom, which isn't a nice idea because of dampness.

Proper cleaning ensures you have nothing in the bathroom that black mold spores can feed or hide on. But you can only be sure of this if you professionally clean your bathroom spaces.

5. Constructions Materials and Bathroom Mold

Sometimes the construction materials used in your bathroom will accelerate mold's growth. For instance, drywall will attract mold faster than concrete. It's even worse when the quality of the drywall isn't what is expected.

Don't panic whether you found the bathroom in that state or you installed the walls without the proper know-how. We will fix the mold issue and advise you accordingly.

How to Remove Bathroom Mold

If you've thought of eliminating black mold in the bathroom using DIY methods, think twice about it. Unless you are trained and qualified to handle the removal project, it is best to leave this project to a professional mold remediation company like us.

Without the proper knowledge and tools, expect a massive spread of black mold spores. It is also difficult to get rid of mold once it has taken hold and started to spread. In fact, you will exacerbate the issue.

Even if you clean the surfaces, mold will likely recur. Hire black mold removal experts who understand the proper mold remediation process to handle the project. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson, we guarantee quality mold removal.

Preventing the Future Growth of Mold in Bathrooms

With the help of an expert, it's possible to prevent black mold spores from thriving and spreading in your bathroom. Here's what we do to prevent future mold growth.

Identify and Address the Existing Mold

When you notice signs of mold and reach out, we'll do mold testing if necessary to confirm that the spots are mold.

That will also give an overview of the extent of mold. From this, we will know the correct removal approach to follow. That makes the entire process easy and actionable.

Improve Ventilation

We want to ensure that the air in your bathroom flows freely. We'll guide you on the best ways, like using an exhaust fan, to ensure enough airflow in your bathroom.

Proper ventilation is good for the bathroom and the entire house space. Your pets and kids deserve fresh and healthy air like never before.

Clean the Bathroom and Fix Moisture Sources

We will eliminate mold infestation in your bathroom through comprehensive mold remediation. Our remediation experts will inspect and clean every part of the bathroom, from the floors and corners to the shower curtain and liners.

Note that we only use natural mold-fighting solutions since they are not toxic. The house occupants and bathroom accessories will not get damaged by our detergents in any way.

We'll also advise on how to fix moisture sources. For instance, if you have any water leaks, a plumber will take over to prevent drainage issues and dampness.

More so, you'll know the black mold exposure remedies like:

  • The best mold and mildew-resistant materials to use in your bathroom.
  • Attention your plumbing issues require irrespective of the extent.
  • The best fans and dehumidifiers for your bathroom.
  • What matters most when cleaning your mold-infested space.

Our Paterson, NJ, Black Mold Removal Experts Will Help You

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson has certified professionals who know the best way to get rid of mold infestation in your bathroom. Before cleaning, we will test for mold to determine the type of infestation, then strategize on the best elimination methods.

Our experts are also qualified to handle projects like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout restoration, wood floor refinishing, home cleaning, office cleaning, fire and water damage restoration, etc.

Whenever you require any of the mentioned services, contact our expert team via 973-692-6777 for a consultation and estimate. We look forward to fixing the black mold in your house.


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