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Mold Remediation Service

Mold Remediation Services in Paterson, NJ

Mold causes significant damages to your property, but that is not all. The spores floating in the air can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma and escalate other respiratory illnesses. You will not have peace of mind if your home is infested by mold. The unsightly splotches on your walls and ceilings and constant sneezing are all nuisances that you should never tolerate.

Fortunately, there is a mold remediation service provider near you that can help you reclaim your property from mold. Whether black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum strain, our professionals have detection equipment to locate and identify it.

Mold Remediation Stages

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson is licensed with experienced staff specializing in mold remediation. We eradicate mold from residential and commercial properties regardless of the architectural design. We use a series of steps to make sure that your project is completely successful.

Mold Inspection

With mold remediation services by Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson, no mold colony will go undetected. Our experts will inspect your property to identify the presence of carpet mold, wood furniture mold, ceiling mold, drywall mold, or any other place mold may be hiding. The mold detection process also involves an interview with you as the property owner for any previous mold history.

Individual mold spores are tiny and invisible to the naked eye. What you can see is their colony, which establishes over time. A mold cluster can be black, red, pink, or any other color. They also like to hide in dark and damp places.

Mold Testing

Mold usually grows in hidden places such as the basement, crawl space, bathroom, ceiling, under the carpet, and other damp places. Mold inspectors may not identify all of them by mere visual inspection. That is where mold testing comes in.

Mold testing involves taking samples from your property. If your house is infested by mold, the spores are likely floating in the air. Therefore an air sample will likely be collected. In addition, if there are splotches suspected to be mold, we can also take surface samples.

These samples are taken to the laboratory for culturing and testing to identify whether there is mold present and in what quantities.

Mold Removal

This stage involves the removal of all identified mold from the areas where the mold is growing. The mold removal specialists will separate the work area from the rest of the home to protect it from spreading, and use state-of-the-art machines to vacuum clean every affected surface. Sometimes eco-friendly chemicals are applied to completely eradicate mold and their spores, and affected building materials that can't be cleaned effectively are removed. We will clean your bathroom, carpet, walls, basement, and other areas as part of mold abatement, wherever is needed.

Final Cleanup

Mold inspectors will, once again, survey your property to ensure that the mold has been eradicated. If that is not the case, the previous step is repeated. You will be left with a habitable home free from mold.

Preventative Actions

The inspection stage of mold remediation helps identify the entry points or what attracted mold to your property. We know that mold lives in damp places, often caused by leaking plumbing fixtures or flooding. The mold experts will advise you accordingly on preventive measures. You may need to fix your leaking roof and attic to prevent roof and ceiling mold.

How Can Mold Damage Your Property?

Mold digests organic matter through enzymatic action if the conditions are favorable. As a result, it may weaken structures such as roofing and ceiling. Your furniture is even at a higher risk. Also, the dark mold clusters on the wall ruin property aesthetics. Overall, mold reduces the resale value of your property and compromises the air quality in your house. That can possibly break any pending real estate deal.

Mold Removal Experts in Paterson, NJ

Solve any mold problem on your property with certified mold remediation services offered by Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson. We have mold experts who are up to the task, regardless of the extent of the damage. We are ready to help you reclaim your property from mold and prevent future infestations.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Paterson serves Paterson, NJ, and nearby locations in Passaic County. Reach out for a guaranteed on-time response and reliable and affordable mold remediation service.


Mold FAQ

What is mold?

Mold is a microorganism that rapidly multiplies if conditions are favorable. It uses enzymes to disintegrate organic matter and produces spores for production.

How can you keep mold from spreading indoors?

You can easily avoid mold from appearing on your property by keeping all surfaces dry. Ensure you don't have any leaking plumbing fixtures and fix all leaking roofs. Also, dry any wet surfaces as soon as possible.

How can you detect black mold early?

You can identify black mold on time by regularly testing the air in your house. Alternatively, allergies or asthma are potential signs that you have mold on your property. They also grow in dark clusters and have a musty smell.

What are the common places for mold to spread?

Mold is prevalent in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, attics, etc. It can be found anywhere, provided the conditions are favorable. Avoid dampness to keep mold at bay.

Is black mold dangerous for your health?

Mold exposure can trigger coughing, sneezing, itchiness, nasal congestion, scaly skin, and sore throats. Asthmatic individuals are at a higher risk of developing acute symptoms. Children, adults, and pets can all be affected.


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